A membership site providing yoga instructional videos and community engagement

View and request unique event rental furniture and detail items. Full collection is available to add to a wish list.

A company with a range of services including Yorky’s Market stations, Cannon Electric, Heating Oil and CFN. This family owned business is a big supporter of local charitable organizations.

A local company offering truck (and large vehicle) washing services. SEO and easy directions for potential clients were a primary concern for this client.

Secure blackboard platform. I researched and recommended the new theme, and created the site design. Once it was designed, I offer graphic support such as slide photo work and quick link icons.


Yorky’s Market: Mount Baker Theatre program ads

For show sponsor ads, a close match to the show’s flavor was sought.

For season sponsor ads, a highlight of charitable/community events and organizations was a focus.

JH Ranch

JH Ranch

Email marketing pieces

Mount Baker School District

Mount Baker School District

Find all editions of the newspaper/newsletter here:

Logos / Branding

Additional Design Work

Work with purpose.

I have been fortunate to work with clients who care deeply about community.

My favorite projects are aligned with my values and give me a deep sense of purpose.