About Kristi

I identify unique brand-value and create strategies and visuals to communicate effectively with an identified audience. It sets my heart on FIRE to strategize, organize, and create visual and verbal communications that inspire and engage to ultimately make our community a brighter place!


By implementing design and marketing-communication skills, I successfully create visual representations of an organization’s personality-value-vision and deliver relevant information for engagement with their customers, clients, donors/stakeholders and community members.

I have over two decades of graphic design & marketing experience combined with the fresh perspective that comes from industry networking and research, reaching solutions for current client goals on highest performing media channels, and continuing education.

My 2019-2020 college classes have included: psychology, social media marketing (SEO, SEM, DM, goals, strategy, analysis and implementation), technical writing and interpersonal communication.

I’m focused on bringing my talents to service-oriented businesses, community service providers, educational organizations and family-centered businesses. I am a mother of 3 and have a deep passion for children/youth and families. I defend the principles of inclusion, fairness, personal freedoms and empowerment, particularly for those with a limited voice in the community.

I’m committed to ethical marketing and business practices–in other words, I’m dedicated to using my superpowers for good!

STRENGTHS identified by others include:

  • Community Builder; Inspirer; Coordinator
  • Social Intelligence and Empathy; Ability to read a room or situation
  • Leader; Decision-Maker
  • Recognize and problem-solve to meet diverse needs
  • Project Management: Organized, Plan-oriented, Dependable
  • Go-To Person; “Superhero”
  • Dedicated to exceeding expectations
  • Time–Energy–Effort Giver
  • Creative Problem Solver = Fixer

•           Successful and diverse-demographic communicator


I’m committed to
noble causes,

I’m not in it for the tiara.

my relationship with

Facebook is complicated

Facebook is my favorite way to
connect and engage,
but it has it’s complications
I listen to a lot of
podcasts and audiobooks.
I love stories: from self help to mystery
from memoirs to vampire romance
to popular fiction.
I don’t watch much TV
but I’m obsessed with

Game of Thrones!

Wife to One. Mother of Three.

Love Love Love my family!

They keep my life full and interesting
with plenty of opportunity to
grow and be better
I love to run away from home…
I always come back!
I’ve gone as far as 14.5 miles

The hardest mile
is always the first.

Someone tell me
how to save the world

…I’m ready to roll.