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Benefit from my Search Engine Marketing classwork

Lecture notes, links to recommended videos and some of my own interpretations and ideas on SEO and SEM can be found in this blog. Follow along as I learn about Search Engine Marketing through my class at Bellingham Technical College.

I’m taking this course at BTC to increase my knowledge on the topic of SEM and SEO. This subject has changed rapidly. Sure, I already know the basics, but Improving on this area of expertise will immediately impact the value I provide to clients. It also feeds my nerdy-web-design-curiosity.

Assignments will largely involve reading and citing the research work of others. I will include links to the works wherever I can. Keep in mind that assignments are generated for my instructor and classmates, but I expect that there will be valuable information for a wider audience of readers.

Please feel free to comment on individual assignment posts.

  • What did you learn from it?
  • What questions do you have on the topic?
  • Cheer me on!
  • Check out the cited materials.

I may respond and comment myself from time to time… BUT… Taking a full load of college classes (I’m also taking Technical Writing and Psychology at WCC this quarter) on top of client-focused work and family obligations means I have little time for responding to comments — please be understanding of this when commenting.

Class Assignments and Notes to explore:

SEO and Content Marketing

Focus on Content Marketing Source: Search Engine Journal, Julia McCoy / July 20, 2016 You should be optimizing your content for Google if you want Google to find your content. But, it’s not just about keywords–or SEO as a single concept–anymore. For all marketers,...

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Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Week 3 Lecture and Reading Notes. Over the next two weeks, we will put this 6 step keyword strategy into practice: Define search goals Identify niche markets Find niche keywords Find long tail keywords Identify and rank keyword phrases with Google Keyword Planner...

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Website Indexing

Search engine optimization is not only about keywords, links, and content. The technical part of SEO can make the difference for your entire digital marketing campaign. How and Why to Get Google to Index a Website 2.5 Lecture Highlights and notes Why? Because you want...

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The importance of SEO and SEM

Week 1 Highlights and Notes: Course Instructor: ALENA FEENEY Course Lecture 1.3 Why SEO is Important SEO is good for business visibility and branding keep in mind people often do multiple keyword searches before clicking through to a website from Google. You want your...

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